Oxford Collocations Dictionary ESL defines a collocation as the way words combine in a language to produce natural-sounding speech and writing.The use of collocations makes students sentences more natural and native speaker- like.

Collocations are formed as follows:

Parts Of Speech Examples
adjective + noun effecient administration/enjoyable passtime/endless patience
quantifier + noun a dozen of eggs/hundreds of people/a bar of chocolate
verb + noun have, meet with,cause , prevent , survive an accident
noun + verb poison kills/war started/the wind blows
noun + noun passport photo/discourse analysis/blood donation
preposition + noun By the dinner time/Under guarantee
adverb + verb listen attentively/play well/agree heartily/alter substantially
noun + preposition fruits from the farm/teacher of english
verb + verb want to live/like to drink
verb + adjective keep fit/stay healthy/sound logical
adverb + adjective extremely cold/utterly beautiful
adjective + preposition keen to/fond of/good at

These pages will provide the Second year Bac students with the appropriate collocations they need to write a natural and standard essay.

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